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SBI NDMB: Advisories and Guidelines for FCRA Bank Account


The State Bank of India (SBI) has issued advisories and guidelines on 9th June 2021 for opening FCRA accounts at SBI, NDMB.


No.  NDMB/53

Date: 09.06.2021

The Joint Secretary

Government of India,

Ministry of Home Affairs Foreigners Division (FCRA Wing)

1st Floor, Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium, India Gate,

New Delhi -110001


FCRA Accounts

We refer to the procedure for opening of FCRA accounts at New Delhi Main Branch.

In this context we submit that we have clarified to the entities that they need not visit Delhi and instead they can visit any branch of their choice near to them for opening of FCRA Accounts.

In this regard a mail communication with the letter (as attached) has been shared with almost 23000 entities on 22nd December 2020, 22nd February 2021 and 18th March 2021.

Also, the SOP finalized by MHA has been placed on Bank’s website in the month of December 2020 and is  available in public  domain (

Yours faithfully,

Deputy General Manager

No. FCRA/SBI-NDMB/2020-21/ 


Shn / Smt /M/s _____________



Madam / Dear Sir,


Greetings of the season We understand that you are an FCRA registered entity As you are aware, many changes have been made in opening and maintenance of FCRA account vide captioned amendments in September 2020 The most important change being that all entities registered under FCRA have to open an account at SBI, New Delhi Main Branch (NDMB) as Designated FCRA Account. The account so opened at NDMB can only be used for receiving any Foreign Contribution.

2 Other important changes are as under:

> Another account can be opened at any Branch of a Scheduled Commercial Bank for Keeping and Utilization of the funds received in above mentioned Designated FCRA Account at NDMB

> If you already have an existing FCRA Account in any Bank, the same is to be used as Utilization account

> FCRA donations can be received only in the Designated FCRA Account which has to be mandatorily maintained at NDMB

> For opening of Designated FCRA account, you need not visit NDMB If you are an existing SBI customer, you may submit the enclosed Account Opening Form (AOF) and other required documents including KYC documents to your home branch which will be forwarded by your branch to NDMB.

> If you are maintaining FCRA account with another bank, you can approach nearest SBI Branch or any  branch of SBI of your choice for opening of Designated FCRA Account at NDMB and submit Account Opening Form (AOF) along with required documents including KYC documents (Scanned copy of AOF along with KYC checklist is  attached) Should you wish to open the Utilization Account at SBI. then another AOF needs to be filled and submitted along with KYC papers to the same branch.

> Account opening forms, other formats  and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) in this regard is already placed on Bank’s website (bank sbi) under 'Announcements’ It is also available under ’Information & Services’. A copy of the SOP is attached herewith for ready reference.

> Contact details  at NDMB is provided in SOP. Please feel free to contact officials at NDMB in case of any  doubt / inconvenience (Tel Nos  011-2337 4392 / 4143 /4213)

> We  shall  make  all  efforts  to  ensure  that  that  you  feel  comfortable  and  relish  your experience of banking with SBI. New Delhi Mam Branch.

Looking forward to serving you with delight.

Yours Sincerely.


Dy General Manager

Encl: i Account Opening Form 

ii Copy of SOP

FEMA Declaration -cum- Undertaking

(Under Section 10(5) of the Foreign Exchange Management Act-1999)

I / We hereby  declare that the transaction/s. the details  of which are specifically mentioned in the schedule hereunder does  not involve and is  not designed for the purpose of any  contravention or evasion of the provisions  of the aforesaid Act or any rule, regulation, notification, direction or order made there under.

I/ We also hereby agree and undertake to give such information / documents before the Bank  undertake the transaction/s  and as  may  be required from time to time that will reasonably satisfy Bank about the transaction/s in terms of the above declaration.

I/We also understand that rf/ we refuse to comply  with any  such requirement or make unsatisfactory-compliance herewith, the Bank  shall refuse in writing to undertake the transactions  and shall if it has  reason to believe that any  contravention / evasion is contemplated by me / us, report the matter to Reserve Bank of India.

I/We   further   declare   that   the   undersigned   has   /   have   the   authority   to   give   this declaration and undertaking on behalf of the firm/ company/ organization.

Place: Signature:

Date: Name: 

Rubber Seal:


Nature / Purpose of Foreign Exchange Transactions:____________

Amount of Foreign Exchange :_________________________

Name of beneficiary entity:_____________________________

For Office use

Details of documentary evidence verified 



Date: Bank Official Sign & Name 


List of Documents for opening of FCRA Accounts of an Entity


(a) Registration certificate

(b) Trust deed

(c) One copy of OVD from the list given below, containing details of identity and address and PAN/Form 60 in respect of managers, officers or employees holding an attorney to transact on its behalf

(d) PAN / Form 60 of the Trust/Foundation

(e) One recent Photograph in respect of the person holding an attorney to transact on its behalf

(f)  For existing FCRA entities, copy of FCRA Registration Certificate issued by MHA.

(g) Certificate from Home Branch of the customer furnishing details of all FCRA Utilization accounts of the customer.


(a)  Resolution of the managing body of such association or body of individuals

(b)  PAN or Form 60 of the Unincorporated Association or a Body of Individuals.

(c)  Power of attorney granted to an individual to transact on its behalf

(d) One copy of OVD from the list given below, containing details of his / her identity and address, one recent photograph and PAN'Form 60 m respect of the person holding an attorney to transact on its behalf

(e) Such information as may be required to collectively establish the legal existence of such an association or body of individuals.

(f) For existing FCRA entities, copy of FCRA Registration Certificate issued by MHA

(g) Certificate from Home Branch of the customer furnishing details of all FCRA Utilization accounts of the customer

(In addition to above, if Savings  Bank  account is  to be opened for above two categories  of customers, then, a certificate is  required from Income Tax  authorities  that Income of the organisation is not taxable.)


(a) Permanent Account Number (PAN) or Form No 60 (except in case of small accounts)

(b) One recent photograph

(c) For existing FCRA entities, copy of FCRA Registration Certificate issued by MHA

(d)   Certificate  from  Home  Branch  of  the  customer  furnishing  details  of  all  FCRA  Utilization accounts of the customer

List of OVDs:

(i) Passport.

(ii) Driving license.

(in) Proof of possession of Aadhaar Number.

(iv) Voter's Identity Card issued by Election Commission of India.

(v) Job card issued by NREGA duly signed by an officer of the State Government.

(vi)    Letter  issued  by  the  National  Population  Register  containing  details  of  name  and address

4. Beneficiary Owners KYCs / identification documents as per RBI Master Direction - Know Your Customer (KYC) Direction. 2016 [Master Direction No DBR AML.BC.No.81/14.01.001/ 2015-16. dated 25.02.2016 (updated as on 20.04 2020)]

Download Copy of SBI NDMB advisories and guidelines in respect of FCRA bank account in pdf format

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  1. is it service charge is levied on the NGO for doing this work.FCRA renewal and SBI Account opening.